Mr. Meow meow 😹

Ilya Nevolin
1 min readJan 30, 2021

Past few weeks I was obsessed with the song Mr Sandman. And been thinking of making a cat edition of this beat.

Since I couldn’t find anything decent on YouTube, it was time to have a productive Saturday!

Video Demo:
Site Demo:

This code may not work on a mobile device (not sure why).


I’ll briefly explain how I made this.

I used ToneJS which allows us to sample and synthesize mp3 sounds and use them as separate notes (it does some manipulations behind the scenes).

Next we need the piano notes of this song, so I Googled for a MIDI file and used ToneJS MIDI to JSON tool to get the bass and treble notes as arrays.

Those arrays can be merged and used as input for the Sampler :)

There is a lot of tuning possible, getting better meow sounds and/or more different samples. You can observe this in the code. It’s just a few lines that you can play with.

Happy meow! Who can make us a dog, sheep and horse edition?